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Squint/Crossed Eye Treatment

A squint ( Strabismus/Crossed eyes) is misalignment of eyes, wherein one eye appears straight and other eye may turn inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards.If both eyes are not completely aligned, binocular vision is impaired leading to loss of depth perception (Stereopsis).

Types of squint:

  • There are four types of squints:
  • The eye turns inwards - Esotropia
  • The eye turns outwards - Exotropia
  • The eye turns upwards - Hypertropia
  • The eye turns downwards - Hypotropia

Squint is treated by surgery of either one or both the eyes, depending on the deformity. The surgery involves weakening or strengthening of the relevant muscles to restore the balance and to get a good coordination. In some cases with double vision, prisms may be added in the glasses to ease the symptoms.

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